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Tools play a very important role in search engine optimisation. There are a range of very useful free seo tools that would all you need to kick start your Search Engine Optimisation.

Keyword tools

  • Density checker - These tools are useful to check the keyword density in your web pages - In other words how frequently keywords appear within your content. It is important that the keywords that you are targetting is also part of the content but at the same time is not overused.
  • Keyword Suggestion tool - This is a great SEO tool from Google that gives you an idea of the your target market search patterns. Google Adwords tool allows you to research your keywords.

Spider tools

Link Popularity Tools

Link popularity is to do with the quality of links from related websites. Where as page rank is to do with the volume of back-links. Popularity of referring websites affects ranking.

Position checker

Position checker tools allows to check the ranking of your website for a Keyword.

HTML validator

Validate your website with this W3C tool.

SEO Compatibility Tool

Gettin a compatibility report using a SEO Compatibility Tool is probably one of the first few things you need to start with before starting optimising your website. These tools allow you to see the gaps and also recommends possible ways to address them. Great tool to have in your SEO Kit

Google Tools

Here are some free google seo tools, these are undoubtedly some of the best free seo tools available, check them out...

Other SEO related tools and websites


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