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What is PPC (pay-per-click) marketing?

PPC Marketing is a form of online advertising that drives targeted leads to your website.PPC advertising is creating and placing ads on SERPs (search engine result pages). It allows displaying advertisement for one or more keywords on search engines and other websites. Business bid or relevant ads appear on the top and right side of the search engines results commonly known as "Sponsored Links".


Potential customers see your ad when they type a keyword or phrase related to your business into search engines. Payments are made anytime a user clicks on the ad and visit your website.


Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the marketing of websites through paid results in search engines. These paid results usually show above, or to the side, of natural search engine results.


Why do you need PPC management?

PPC is the best way to reach customers at that time when they are ready to buy. They click on your ad and go to your website where they are invited to take action like buying product/service online or mailing or calling to your number.


How PPC works for you?

Pay-Per-Click is a dynamic marketplace, the higher your bid, the higher your ad will be placed in the list. As the name suggests, you need to pay only for clicks n not for the listing. It gives your business a great exposure without having any risk and you can undoubtedly track the efficiency of your PPC ad campaign.


Most benefited for:


  • Businesses that need immediate placement in top pages of Google or any other search engines
  • Who want to get their appear in the specific location at a specific time
  • Who need to analyze the responses and feedbacks of the potential or targeted customers for a
    new product/service


What SEOHUB do for your PPC campaign?

MySEOHUB offers complete PPC marketing campaign and internet marketing solutions at affordable rates. Our PPC account manager, will evaluate your needs and objectives to create a customized PPC plan. Our PPC campaign include the creation and optimization of ads, optimization of landing pages, account management of daily spending, analytics and monthly reporting.


At myseohub, we have designed the most innovative, flexible and powerful pay-per-click management services to help you getting your search engine marketing goals. Our expert PPC management services
drive more targeted traffic to your website, maximize brand awareness, boost up online sales and
include sponsored and content page advertising as offered by Google, Yahoo and Bing. We can help
you with your existing PPC campaign as well as brand new advertising campaign with most affordable

Our Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing ad Center, PPC advertising campaigns are based around competitive analysis and optimum keywords are derived from extensive research and A/B testing.

We will increase your web traffic/click through rates (CTR) and conversions by creating specific landing pages and targeting PPC ad copy for each desired search term your prospects are searching on.

One of our strategies is by placing your web visitors that type an optimized search terms onto a specific landing page that was designed for that product or service. This will help increase conversion rates and enhance web user's experience and in turn generate a greater return on investment (ROI).

PPC Management service begins by researching your industry, performing a competitive analysis report, measuring your website statistical data, and then by extensive research of all relevant search terms, leading to an optimal campaign. This will help determine the best possible daily budget for each ad group (which contains various keywords). This will also help us measure and manage the performance of each ad group individually and as a whole to compare visitor traffic patterns from your website for maximum results.

We understand that advertising needs are different for each business. For that reason, we offer a variety of ppc packages and pricing that are sure to meet your advertising needs. We offer managed pay per click packages with on-going optimization and regular reporting. So, you know what is going on with your advertising budget at all times.


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