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Delivery Time (within months) 3 3 6 12 12
Keyword Research
Website Analysis
Competitor Analysis
(On & Off Site)
Initial Website SEO Status Report
On-Page SEO Optimization
Number of Keywords Research 10 15 20 30 35
Number of Web Pages 5 15 20 30 upto 40
Title & Meta Tag(s) Optimization
Robots.txt Optimization
W3C Validation of Web Pages 1 10 10 10 Upto 40
HTML Source Code Optimization 10 10 On Going
Content Optimization for Targeted Keywords (Pages) 5 10 10 10 On Going
Image and HyperLink Optimization (Anchor Tags)
Themed Link Pages Creation
Custom 404 error page
Local Search Engine Optimization
Submission to Local Search Engines and Directories
Customer Review Submission
hCard Creation
Content Optimization for Local Targeted Keywords (pages) 5 10 10 10 On Going
Content Creation / Optimization
Web Pages Content Optimization 5 10 10 20 20 & / Mo
Themed Link Pages Creation & / Mo
Blog Writing 3 7 10
Standard SEO Activities
Google Services
(Sitemap / local / verification /...)
Yahoo Services
(Sitemap / local / verification /...)
MSN Services
(Sitemap / local / verification /...)
Google Base Feeds for your products If Required If Required If Required
Paid Submission Suggestions for any SEO Features RFQ RFQ
Other Standard/Proven SEO tactics (as required) If Required
SEO Report & Support Maintenance
Web Statistics (Google Analytics)
Monthly SEO Report (for Months) 3 3 12 12 12
Add on - Ongoing SEO Services RFQ RFQ RFQ RFQ RFQ
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management
Google Adwords
Yahoo Search Marketing
MSN Adexcellence
Others PPC Search Engines

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