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If you are looking for an independent advise on your online presence, if you would like to build a search engine optimisation strategy, if you just want to talk to someone to learn more on SEO, SEM, SMO then we can help.

SEO Audit and Compatibility Report

Take the first Step - get a SEO Audit and compatibility.
A SEO Audit and compatibility report gives you insight into where your website currently stands and identifies the gaps that needs to be addressed. The report is the first important steps towards on-page and off-page optimisation and checks your website for several known factors that could make all the difference in improving your ranking and coming to the first page.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

We follow the Leaders – Google, Bing, Yahoo
On Page optimisation is what we do "ON" the pages - this is mostly to do with the content of the website - to create food for crawlers. On-Page optimisation consists of a range of things that can be done on the website - this includes having a good and relevant title, writing relevant and meaningful content, optimisating non readable objects such as images among a range of thinsg. This process could take days to weeks depending on the site of the website. This also includes site architecture analysis, content relevancy testing, content copywriting etc.

Competitor Analysis

Learn from your competitors mistakes and Success.
Understanding the competition, their success, their mistakes is vital for any businesses. Why does your competitors website rank higher in search engines than your own, what is it that they are doing and you are not. You have to watch your competition even if your website is ranking higher than your competitors to see what are they upto. There's is a bit of spy in all of us - As part of competitor analysis we do a report on what your competitions are doing right or not right and how you can compete with them for a higher ranking in search engines.

Off Page Optimisation and Link Building

All roads lead to Rome might have worked the best for Romans but 'All Traffic should lead to my website' might not be what you want, particularly in the SEO world. !
Search Engine Optimisation has 2 main components - On Page and Off Page. Off Page Optimisation is done outside your websites to generate relevant traffic to your website. Link Building, Directory Submission are all part of off page optimisation.

Pay per click Advertising

Leads/Visitors when you need them
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the marketing of websites through paid results in search engines. These paid results usually show above or on the right hand side of natural search engine results.

Our Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing ad Center, PPC advertising campaigns are based around competitive analysis and optimum keywords are derived from extensive research and A/B testing.

SEO Outsourcing – Hire Part Time / Full Time Dedicated SEO Expert / Consultant

Partnering with you/your team
SEO Outsourcing would free you from focusing on your core business
  • Private Label SEO Services
  • Hire Dedicated SEO {Full Time or Part Time}

Social Media Strategy

Build your branding and increase customer base through Social Media
The rise and rise of Social media related websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, Bebo, Digg, Delicious, Ning just to name a few, have opened new previously unexplored territories to market your product and build your branding. We can help you build your online social media strategy.

Social Media Optimisation is a way of generating popularity for a website through social media like popular online communities and community websites. It is in many ways like viral marketing where a website is made popular through word of mouth created through the use of networking in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing.

  • 500 million

    - Number of active facebook user as on July 21st 2010
  • 145 million

    - Number of registered Twitter users
  • 70 million

    - Number of Linkedin users as of Jun 2010
  • 86%

    - Percentage of B2B companies using social media

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